Monday, February 1, 2010

Crocheting for Baby

My last post was about my knitting.  I made it to Magpie's and got back on the right track.  Until Saturday night.  Things were going along well, and I was getting cocky.  Then I looked at my scarf and realized I was knitting on the wrong side of the scarf!  Maybe 3-4 rows worth.  I thought I could take it out myself, but ended up in a tangle of knits & purls, so decided to put the cap on my needles and find another project to keep my hands busy.  I will get this fixed on Tuesday, and start again.

In the meantime, I decided I hadn't crocheted for the new baby in a while, so decided to find a project.  I have made her one other hat, and one thing keeps stumping me.  Just how big is a baby's head?  I started making the hat, and when I finished the increases and started working down the side, thought to myself, "This seems really tiny."  So I asked my dear husband, and he said, "There's no way that will fit!"  So, I added another increase row, and got to work.

Now, I think the hat is too big!  So, I Googled "What's the circumference of a newborn's head" and came up with around 14 inches.  Measured the hat, and it's a little over 15 inches, so I think I'll rip it out and go back to the original plan.  At least I know how to rip out in crochet without ruining everything!  Score one more point for crochet!

It's cute, though, isn't it?  Maybe I'll make some booties to match!


  1. It's unbelievable how tiny newborns are. I remember looking at my daughter's clothes and thinking how will she ever fit into such tiny things? She did. Then she promptly outgrew them. You can always save the hat for later!

  2. It is adorable! You're awesome :) BTW, what photo program are you using to get your background like that? I got an awesome camera for Christmas, but haven't messed with it much yet. Oh, and babies heads are all different! Hats were always too large on V b/c she had/has a peanut head just like me! The twins, being born at 32 wks fit in my hand, so we never used newborn hats! I say leave it and let her grow into it if it's too large at birth. They grow crazy fast!

  3. Steph: I think it's just a blogger Minima template that has been tweaked. It's a template from, but I will be debuting a new template soon!


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