Saturday, May 7, 2011

Life & Death in the Garden: Yes, I'm a Killer

I must admit something.  I'm a killer.  I did it.  I confess.  I killed my lilies.  Perhaps they were day lilies, or maybe Asiatic Lilies, but honest to God, I could care less what kind of lily they are - I HATE THEM!  I think the Lily is the most over-planted plant in the landscape.  I cannot believe there are societies that revere them.  I'm just glad they have someone to love them, because the good Lord knows it will NEVER be me!
The last shovelful.
The heaping barrel of lilies.

But for every death, there is life, and I am thankful for some of these things in my garden.
A few daffodils.

Blessed herbs - yes, I am a society member (Herb Society of America)
The new Mother's Day fountain that should be up & running soon.  It's called "Hurricane's Eye" and very personal to me, as I was a Katrina evacuee when I lived in New Orleans.  I can't wait to hear the sound of water in my garden!
Oops, here's the death of our arbor that rotted and blew over in the wind storm
But also, the emergence of an azalea I didn't even know we had (first Spring in a new house!).
Our new Celtic cross that we bought in honor of my confirmation into the Catholic church on Holy Saturday, as well as to honor our Irish heritage.
And some sprouts that will soon be Nasturtiums, Mini Basil and some Slow-Bolt Cilantro.
But here is my favorite "little sprout" of all, who is having a very hard time keeping her hands out of my lettuce bowl!

I think Spring has finally sprung!  Hip-hip-hooray!!!

The Real Housewife of Sheboygan County

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