Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Perfect Year -- Planning for 2010

I spent many years as a Vice President of Sales for an investment company.  I enjoyed my job, but always struggled with the business planning process as I was starting a new year.  This probably stemmed from being a "right-brained" person in a "left-brained" profession.  At the beginning of 2005 I decided to employ a "business coach" with whom I would meet once a month or so and plan my work.  I was traveling every week and feeling very scattered.  Prior to this time, I always turned in my annual business plan on time, but typically didn't look at it again.  It just wasn't a useful document for me.  My coach, Ray, had me start doing something called "The Perfect Year," and all of a sudden, things started happening in my business.  I made more money than I could have every dreamed of making, I surpassed sales goals and gained new clients.  I became a believer in having a coach.

As time went on, my business was going swimmingly, but my personal life not so much.   I was divorced in 2004 and since that time had focused almost solely on my career.  Things had to change.  The next meeting with Ray, I discussed this frustration, and we decided to start focusing on not only my business, but also my life.  My perfect year became less about business and more about me and the way I wanted my life to look.  Yes, I still had my money goals, but now I also had other things to focus on.  It allowed me to daydream about possibilities, then put them on paper.  I didn't really share them with anyone but Ray, but somehow even sharing with just one person made them more achievable.

The Perfect Year is easy to do.  Just make a list with 25 things that you would like to achieve in the coming year.  It can be professional or personal, but just make the list.  Be specific.  Not just "exercise more," but "exercise 3xs/week".  Some of my past entries over the year have included vacations I wanted to take, amount of money I wanted to make, things I wanted to do.  For example, when I moved into my new loft I wanted to entertain at least once every other month.  As my personal life got more frustrating, I wanted to find someone to share my life with.

Things have turned about pretty great, and are only getting better.  As I reviewed my Perfect Year for 2009 last week, I was amazed at how many things I accomplished, especially considering I hadn't looked at the list since November of 2008!

  • Got married
  • Got pregnant
  • Completed the Master Gardener class through the extension service
  • Played in two golf leagues
  • Threw a huge party for family & friends over the 4th of July
And the list goes on....

For 2010, here are a few of my items
  • Safe delivery of my child
  • Lose the baby weight, plus 5 lbs
  • More outdoor exercise with dog & baby
  • Learn to knit
  • Learn more about blogging
  • Cook at least 3xs per week
  • Less TV and more music or radio
  • Keep sewing and learning new things
And there are many more.  So far, my New Year is off to a great start.  I spent the morning sewing and this is one of the little projects I made--a wine gift bag for a nice bottle of Jordan--we're going to a party tonight!  I must give credit where credit is due--this project was inspired by this post by a fellow blogger:

Give it a shot, and you just might have your Perfect Year!

All the Best to you and yours!

The Real Housewife of Sheboygan County

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