Friday, December 4, 2009

Re-vamping the blog?

I haven't blogged in quite some time, and lots has changed. I have spent the past year getting married, volunteering at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center as a docent, completing the Master Gardening program and volunteering with that, having a big wedding blowout over the 4th of July, vacationing in Wales/Scotland, getting pregnant, and now am learning to sew & crochet. Also getting ready to have our first child at the geriatric age of 42!

So, am thinking about a re-vamp for the blog and getting serious about this, as a way to showcase projects I'm making and my trials and tribulations as a new mom-to-be and new crafter.

I have a new Janome sewing machine that has been fun to work with and have been making some crochet hook and knitting needle cases that I might sell through our local yarn shop. Won't make a new career for me, but will keep me in yarn for my crochet projects. Once you start working with nice yarn, you really don't want to go back to the stuff from the big box stores.

Also, I forgot to mention, that we got a puppy last February and he will be a year old tomorrow. Yes, it's been quite the year and for 2010 I think I will have LOTS to say and show.

All for now.

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