Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Day at The Beach - A Post by the Real Baby

I had quite a day! I went to the beach. I'm really lucky that my Uncle Tommy & Aunt Barbara have a sweet beach cabana. We had lots of fun today!
First, there was this HUGE jar of Nutella! I'm trying to figure out how to get it open.
My cousin Allegra felt better today! Tomorrow is a BIG day for her - her baptism! She's practicing her smile for the camera!
I got to monkey around with some of Allegra's toys. Look at all my teeth - 8 so far!
Here I am in my new swimsuit! I look good in pink, don't you think?
Next, comes the beach. I'm really checking out all those waves thinking, "I'm not so sure about this!"
So, this is what sand feels like?
Well, my Uncle Mike and cousin Emma are very brave, and even Gracie & Aunt Minnie are dipping their toes in.
Guess it's my turn! Or maybe I should just play in the sand with KC & Jack....
Too late. Mama decided I needed to see what the ocean felt like.
And guess what? I DID NOT LIKE IT!
And can you believe my Mama laughed at me? I don't think I want to do that again very soon. Even though I'm from Wisconsin, it's just too cold - and it came up behind me and scared the dickens out of me!
Finally, Mama took me back inside to play with my cousins. I really like playing with Tommy.
And I also got hugs from my Nonna MariaDina. She's not really my Nonna, but she's Allegra's Nonna, and she says I can call her that. I should really learn Italian so I can talk to her!
I played some more
But my daddy gave me an idea
So, I pulled my kitty cat robe up over myself and did a face plant. Nighty-night all.
So, that's how my vacation is going. Monday, back to Sheboygan County.

Happy New Year!

The Real Baby of South Florida Sheboygan County

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