Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Finished Objects: I've been busy

Not that I'm not normally busy chasing an 8 1/2 month old around, but I've been especially busy this month trying to finish some projects.
First there was the gift exchange with the "yarn ladies".  Rules were, had to take two hours or less to complete and be made of some type of fiber.  I panicked, then went to my trusty crochet hook and made this in about 30 minutes.  Could have made it in 15 if I hadn't had a child to look after!  Got the idea here:
I also finished these for gifts:
This was from More Last Minute Knitted Gifts and called Big Lace Scarf.  I only did two repeats.
This is the Ribs & Ruffles Pattern from MistiAlpaca.
Both yarns are Misti Alpaca Chunky. Gorgeous color, don't you think?
I also finished this for myself from some Misti Alpaca Chunky Handpaint
This for Mary-Claire
It's Kristen Kapur's Thorpe Hat in Mochi Plus self striping yarn from Magpie's Cottage
And finally, a double duty pattern I made up and knit out of Schulana Cashmere
Wrist warmer for me or
Legwarmers for this darling baby!

Whew!  I need a rest!  But, as all knitters know, unfinished objects await!  So much yarn and so little time!

Merry Christmas from The Real Housewife of Sheboygan County & the Real Baby!

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