Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sidewalk Sale - Remember When?

Mary-Claire and I went "sidewalk saleing" today.  Yes, we live near a little town that still has a vibrant downtown, and it was just as I remembered small town sidewalk sales to be.  Tables upon tables of "stuff" that was either in the way, out of date, or in some cases, just going out of season.

I got lucky, though.  My favorite local yarn shop, Magpie's Cottage, was in on the action!
And they had good stuff!
I started by loading up the baby!
And, she wasn't that crazy about it!
So, we packed up our "stash" and went on our way.
Phooey on the sidewalk sale - until next year, that is!

Do you remember what a big deal your hometown sidewalk sale used to be?  I remember Stephenson's Toggery and even used to help organize the tables when I got a bit older.  Maybe Mary-Claire will get to work the "sidewalk sale" when she gets older!

The Real Housewife of Sheboygan County

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