Sunday, June 20, 2010

I'm Glad You're My Daddy - a post from "The Real Baby"

I'm glad you're my Dad.  You were so happy when you found out about me, because I know that you and Mama kind of got a late start.  You were strong, calm and always positive when you found out that I would need surgery and have to stay in the NICU when I was born.
You sat with me late at night and sang to me.
You helped me get well quick.
I went home in record time!  Only 8 days after I was born!
I see lots of naps in our future
And lots of fun as a family
I hope I follow in your footsteps.  See, I already have my golf shoes!
Soft spikes, just like yours!
I'm very happy that I'm Daddy's Little Girl
And I will always look up to you

Happy First Father's Day!

The Real Baby of Sheboygan County

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