Friday, May 21, 2010

The Hat Parade - A Post by The "Real Baby"

My mom has finally started knitting again.  I guess she's finally getting the hang of having me around.  She made me this pretty pink "Baby Squash Hat" from 101 Designer one-skein Wonders, and she says that she's making the "Pink Tweed for Baby" cardigan to match.  She better hurry up, because I'm growing like a weed.

This modeling is tough work!
She also made me this hat from Last Minute Knitted Gifts.  
I'm growing so fast that's it's almost too small.  I guess I will send it to one of my new cousins who will be coming soon!
Thought I'd show you my "baby blues."  Just like my dad's!
The next hat is still a little big, and it's my mom's favorite color.  Not sure where she got the pattern, but it's just an easy baby hat, knitted in the round.
My mom says I look like "Mushmouth" from the old Fat Albert cartoon.  
Sometimes when I babble, I  do sound like Mushmouth, so I guess I won't take offense.
I also got my first big girl sports equipment this week.  Daddy is so happy!
His friends at Titleist made this Bullseye putter just for me!  I'm sure it won't be the last club my Dad gets for me.  He is a great teacher, so I'm sure we'll have lots of fun together.
Poor Paddy has been feeling a little left out lately, so we've been trying to give him a little extra love.  He sure does like to lick me!

My mom will be back next week posting about her Dinner On A Deadline project.  She got off easy this week, as my daddy was only home one night!  We missed him, but I think I saw her eat a peanut butter & marshmallow creme sandwich for dinner last night!  She did have a glass of milk with it.

Have a great weekend!

The Real Baby of Sheboygan County

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  1. Oh so cute Kristi. It's so true how fast they grow in that first year. I would be waiting to put her in the cutest little dress and then when I would remember to try it on her, it would be too small. So impressed with all the cooking. Wish I had the inclination. The PB and marshmallow sandwich sounded about my speed : )


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