Monday, April 12, 2010

Mary-Claire's Very Big Week!

Just wanted to give an update on Mary-Claire's week!  When I last posted, she was getting ready to go into surgery to repair her intestinal omphalocele.  The surgery went great, and she is a very strong little girl.  The nurses are calling her a "rock star" as she is meeting all of the expectations of the surgeons, and I truly believe that we will be home soon - she is making lots of progress on feeding and is only on supplemental glucose now and no longer being fed via tube.  Practice makes perfect, so we will be doing lots of practicing this week so we can get home to Kohler and she can meet her future best friend, Paddy.
 This is how she looked just after surgery.  Lots of wires and tubes to monitor her every movement and breath.
 Thankfully, she has her daddy's ears!
 And his feet!
 Imagine a sack about the size of an orange on the outside of her body that contained her intestines - and this is what it looks like after surgery.  The surgeons did an incredible job - and she didn't even swell like they thought she would.  
 A close-up - it's even smaller now.  This isn't a real belly-button, but one that the surgeons manufactured.  I think it actually looks much better than most newborns belly-buttons at this age!  
 Grandma Marva, me & Mary-Claire
 Wearing the first hat I crocheted for her - obviously she has her daddy's head, as it's already too small!!
 At peace - most of her wires have been disconnected at this point.
In Grandma's arms after eating.
Wearing a hat that Mama knitted - this one's a little big, but will last longer!

All for now.  It's been an exciting week for us and it's nice to know we have a little over-achiever.  She even has the "corner office" in the NICU.  One of only two pods with a window.  Way to go Mary-Claire!

Thanks for all the good thoughts, prayers and comments.  We are thankful for our friends and family!

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  1. Amazing! Beautiful!!

    Girls from the Lake

  2. What a beautiful baby girl. Takes after her mom and grandma Marva. Glad everything is going well. She's a real trooper. Congratulations, Connie Hawkins

  3. Congratulations Kristi,
    So glad everything has gone well. Now the fun begins. Take care,


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