Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mary-Claire's Big Arrival!

It's been quite a week for our family.  On Tuesday we welcomed our first child, Mary-Claire McBride Richerson at 10:13 a.m.  She weighed 6lbs, 14 oz and was 18 1/2 inches long.  I am recovering quite well from the c-section, and that has been the least of our worries.  Here are a few pictures - none of them are the greatest, but hopefully throughout the week I can get a few more.
 First photo - still in the operating room.  I barely got to see her before they whisked her away.  
 In the NICU - she was very stable
 Trying to get comfortable!  Daddy was taking the pictures as Mama was still in surgery.
 Finally, almost 12 hours after delivery, I got to hold her.  Mama was very sick all day, so had to rest.
This was taken yesterday just before her surgery.  We call it her "Pre-Surgery Routine."  Just like the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame, we had her tap the "Play Like a Champion" placard before they took her away.  It seems to have brought her luck, as she came through the surgery like a "champion".  She is still on a breathing tube this morning, but the doctors say she has done very well and most likely will be off the tube later today.  As for her features, she truly looks like her daddy, down to the shape of her fingers & toes.  I do detect a little blond hair, so who knows - maybe she will inherit that from me, but for now, she is definitely her daddy's little girl!  

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers this week.  She has a lot of people pulling for her, and the good energy is definitely apparent.  We are very thankful for all family and friends, including those who read the blog whom we have not met.  You're the Best!

The Real Housewife of Sheboygan County


  1. Jimmer and Kristi,
    You guys and Mary-Claire are in our prayers.
    She is a beautiful girl and very strong, as you all are too.
    Whip and family

  2. She's beautiful. Congratulations!! I'm so happy to read that she did so well with her surgery.


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