Monday, December 22, 2008

Oh the weather outside is frightful!

Brrrrr!!!  It's extremely cold here, and I'm not so sure I signed up for this!  I will say that my "best buy" so far this year has been my North Face coat.  I am soooo happy that it is warm in our house!  The temperature has not gotten above zero today!  

We are leaving tomorrow for Kansas City and Columbia.  Snow is expected to start falling around 6 a.m. and our flight is out of Milwaukee at 9:10, so I'm hoping we'll get out of here before things get crazy.  I keep telling myself that "everything's going my way", and usually that helps me get through the stressful times.  

I need to pack for the next 5 days.  Jim got me some fabulous cashmere sweaters that I wanted from L.L. Bean.  Two zippered hoodies (I live in these!), and a v-neck, so those will definitely go with me.  I think we only have 1 "fancy" night when we will go out for dinner with friends on the 27th, so mostly casual clothes.  I'm sure my mom got me a couple of things, so need to leave room in the suitcase!

I'm getting used to the casual lifestyle we are living in Kohler, however it has taken some adjusting.  I'm used to dressing up for work and play.  Here I live in workout clothes and jeans, so am trying not to get into "schlumpadinka" mode, as Oprah would say.  It's hard to motivate yourself to "get fixed up" when you know you're not going anywhere!  

I haven't cooked much this week.  Jim's has asked me to make main dish salads, so that was the beginning of the week, then we went to a fancy wine dinner on Saturday.  It was a lot of fun and I'm glad we had an opportunity to get dressed up and meet some more people.  Hopefully we can do things like this at least once a month.  I think the diet food will go by the wayside over the next few days.  My mom cooks a lot, and makes lots of sweets, so there will be plenty of temptation.  I will be bypassing her Amaretto Slush.  Too many calories without much kick!  If she'd put more alcohol in it, it would be much better!  You can take the girl away from the Baptist Church, but you can't take the Baptist out of the girl.....

Our wedding is two weeks from Christmas day, and it can't come soon enough!  I can't wait to get to some warm weather and relaxation.  I, for once, am not stressed about it, either.  Jim's ring doesn't fit, so we'll need to find an alternative until he can get it replaced, but other than that, I'm sure everything will go off without a hitch.  I'm not sure if our marriage license will be in Spanish, or how we get copies to use here in the States, but I know thousands of Americans get married in Mexico every year, so it must not be that big of a deal.  

Well, best get back to my laundry and packing.  Will post again after the holiday when we get back to the frozen tundra.  Ugh.  It's really not that bad--in the summer!

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  1. I've been packing today also. I have all three kids for myself and all of the gifts! I hope your flight gets off smoothly - we've decided to leave Wed am to avoid the snow that's coming tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

    Schlumpadinka? Ha Ha! That's me everyday now that I don't work! I never have time to get myself dressed. Hey, I don't even get to shop for cute clothes b/c the kids can't handle a shopping trip(or I can't handle it with them :) )

    Merry Christmas, K & J !


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