Friday, September 16, 2011

Farewell to Summer

The Real Housewife has let summer get away from her.  Luckily, she took lots of pictures.
The Real Baby went from baby to toddler over the summer.  She runs, plays, slides and now even talks a blue streak.  Her vocabulary is way ahead of schedule.  Well over 75 words at seventeen months.  She continues to amaze and change.
She spent time with her cousins this summer over the Fourth of July.
We also made a trip to Atlanta to visit more cousins in August.  She waved at everyone and said "bye-bye" as they exited the plane.  She cracks us up.
We've done lots of summer things

We gardened (this was Spring - look how she's grown!)
We ate corn on the cob
We ate watermelon
We drank beer
We drank wine (someone raided the coolers at the neighborhood picnic!)
We played at the pool
We played in the water at home
And played in the fountain with Paddy
We played dress-up (she never saw a purse she didn't like!)
We went to the fair and saw the chickens
And fed the ducks
Then, almost as if on cue, the weather changed and we needed our jackets and long pants.
We slid
Then we rode away from Summer on our trusty two-wheelers
Bye-bye Summer.  See you next year (please come earlier next time!!)....
The Real Housewife (and Real Baby) of Sheboygan County

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