Monday, April 25, 2011

A Hoppy Easter!

Saturday we were greeted by a surprise visit from the Easter Bunny! Mary-Claire loved it, and I think she thought it was a big puppy dog - she kept patting it. A wonderful surprise from friends that we will appreciate for years!
The Easter Bunny snuck in again and left the little one with a few Easter treats. She loved "shaking" the eggs to see if there was something inside.
We went to Easter Mass, which was followed by an egg hunt, however Dad supervised and didn't want her to mess up her outfit in the wet muck. Good call by Dad, I think. I think she had fun watching the other kids, though.
We followed that with Easter brunch. It was a beautiful display, and again, we saw the Easter bunny.
Mary-Claire had a fancy lunch, and was mostly well-behaved, but then needed to run and play, so off to the croquet court she went.
She tried to make friends with the older girls, but they can be a little "cliquey."
Then back inside to play with the bunny ears
And finally home to dump all the eggs
It was a very Hoppy, Happy Easter!
The Real Housewife of Sheboygan County

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