Friday, February 18, 2011

Tickling the Ivories - a Post by the Real Baby

For some reason I just can't crawl by the piano without pounding out a little tune. My mom thinks this is funny, so she takes all sorts of pictures of me doing this, but today she surprised me! I got to sit on the piano bench and really go to town!

What shall I play, I thought?!
"There's a Song in the Air" popped open. Maybe I will play the piano for church like my Great Grandma Iglehart did! Or maybe I will be lucky enough to play by ear like my Great Great Mama Voorheis.
One thing I know for sure
is this piano stuff is very fun!
Musically Yours,

The Real Baby of Sheboygan County

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  1. She looks like a natural : ) It's good to start them young.
    She sure is growing up. Enjoy.


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