Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Quick Crochet Project: The Doris Scarf

Yesterday was one of those days that I felt like I got a lot done.  At least a lot of stuff that I wanted to do.  The guest bed is still covered with stuff, the antique chair is still not recovered, the laundry is still not done, but I did make new pillow covers which I blogged about yesterday, and I also made this very cute, very springy scarf!  So, see, all was NOT lost.  
 The pattern can be found at Vicki Howell's website - click here   The project only took a couple of hours while I was watching TV - much faster than knitting!!!
I typically like to use yarn that I've purchased at my local yarn store, Magpie's Cottage, however there are times when I run to JoAnn's for fabric that something jumps out at me, and that's what happened in this case.  The yarn is Caron Spa, a "silky soft Bamboo Blend" according to the label.  It can be found at www.naturallycaron.com.  The yarn is a little tricky to work with and tends to separate, but overall, not bad.  And I like the drape for a springy scarf.  My yarn shop has some new pima cotton that would have been great for this, too!  

Busy day today - another non-stress test at the doctor's office, then the second half of my "Knit Baby Hats" class at Magpie's.  I also have a very cute baby sweater to piece together and learn how to finish the edging.  Stayed tuned for the finished projects!

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